About Us

At Aliah Home Care Agency, we provide the resources that are necessary to help you make educated and informed choices regarding home care. We help you to understand your healthcare insurance options, as well as providing additional services privately if needed.

Aliah Home Care Agency’s office staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including all holidays) to fully support our Home Health Aides, insure that your service goes uninterrupted and that any and all patient related situations are handled efficiently and promptly.

Our capable Home Health Aides are NYS Department of Health certified, and are specifically trained to work with patients at home. They are sensitive to the home environment, and are taught to be as unobtrusive as possible, while still providing a professional and conscientiously high level of skilled service to our patients. Home Health Aides can provide assistance with everyday tasks like dressing, bathing, household chores and cooking. They are also able to assist in medically necessary tasks such as patient transfer, turning, lifting and positioning, as well as non-sterile dressing changes, basic vital sign monitoring, feeding assistance, prescribed exercises, and more.

Alaih Home Care Certified Home Health Aides are Qualified to Handle:

  • Personal Care & Grooming Needs.
  • Prescribed Exercises.
  • Transferring, Turning, Lifting and Positioning.
  • Preparation of Prescribed Diet, Menu Planning & Feeding Assistance.
  • Basic Vital Signs, Weights, Intake and Output, and
  • Non-Sterile Dressing Changes.
  • Basic Care of Catheters and Ostomies.
  • Light Housekeeping of Patient-used areas of the home (dusting, vacuuming, mopping, garbage disposal, etc.)
  • Cleanliness of Patient-used Equipment.
  • Patient’s Laundry & Linens.
  • Accompaniment to Community Activities, Social Engagements, Medical Appointments, Basic Errands, etc.
  • Recognition and Utilization of Opportunities for Enforcing Health and Quality of Life for the Patient and Family.